How to Manage and Protect Your Online Reputation


If your company is serious about marketing, odds are you are already heavily involved in the social media aspect of it. We here at Point & Click have a put together a few tips from the experts on how to protect your online reputation to make sure that people not only find you, they also find the best version of your company possible. The main key is to be proactive, make sure that your content is optimized for your company and consistently monitor your companies search results.

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Taking Over the World Wide Web One Website at a Time!

Several weeks ago I was in a meeting with a potential client and was asked “How many websites have you worked on?” and I didn’t really have an answer. I have been in the industry for almost 16 years and never considered it. I knew it was a lot but no idea what the number really looked like. That spawned this blog post and prompted me to start digging through old files, emails and archives that were over a decade old. After much searching and a little giggling at old websites from the 90s I arrived at a number just over 500.

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Google Shopping Goes Commercial

Important update online merchants: Google Product Search is becoming a paid service. For the merchants who have used Google Shopping to sell products over the years the free ride is over. Google is instituting a new Google Shopping experience that is requiring that merchants pay for the service starting this fall.

Google has released a new initiative to improve their shopping experience, which will be affecting anyone who has products currently listed with Google Product Search. Read more

The Evolution of Point & Click

This year we finally had the opportunity to redesign our website, update our framework to the newest technologies and showcase our work in a new way. During this process we began to reminisce about doing this in the past and how our online presence continuously evolves with technologies and trends.  Our first website rolled in 1999. While our look, domains, and even branding has changed over the years one thing that has remained consistent is our message. We want to help great companies find customers and continue to deliver cutting edge, modern products at a competitive rate.

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The Brand new Point & Click website!

The team at Point & Click is excited to finally share our newly redesigned website! The update is long overdue but well worth the wait. Not only has the site had a significant face lift, its core functionality has been updated to utilize the Point & Click framework – one of the best Content Management Systems out there, and one we always recommend when a client is shopping for a new website. Read more

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