Google Shopping Goes Commercial

Important update online merchants: Google Product Search is becoming a paid service. For the merchants who have used Google Shopping to sell products over the years the free ride is over. Google is instituting a new Google Shopping experience that is requiring that merchants pay for the service starting this fall.

Google has released a new initiative to improve their shopping experience, which will be affecting anyone who has products currently listed with Google Product Search. Google is transitioning Google Product Search to a commercial model build on Product Listing Ads. If any of you currently have a Google Adwords account, you already know what this means. If you are not familiar with the Google Adwords process, it basically allows companies to set a specific price they are willing to pay per each potential customer’s click and then displays these results based on the highest offering company. When the transition is complete, sometime this Fall Google shopping will be displaying results based on bid price and relevance. Over time Google will also give businesses the opportunity to market sales or special offers.

As of now Google is giving merchants a few months to transition, but they are also offering some incentives to early birds. They are offering an automatic monthly credit for 10% of their total Product Listing Ad spend through the end of 2012 for any merchant who make’s Product Listing Ad’s by August 15 2012. Also if you are a current Goodle Product Search merchant and fill out a form before August 15, 2012 you will receive $100.00 Adwords credit toward Product Listing Ads.


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