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Mobile websites are not the wave of the future, they are the wave of the present.

More than half of America’s mobile phone users are now using smartphones.  People are no longer tied to their computer when searching the internet or interacting with your website. This mobile media revolution has changed the way people surf the ‘net and use websites. The most notable change in online habits is the way mobile visitors collect and process information. Often it is just a browsing eye scanning your website for a piece of information, resource or product.

Many phones do not show full size websites appropriately, creating tedious left to right scrolling, omitting entire sections of your site and making technology like java or flash slow loading or not compatible at all. Consumers are looking for fast, easy to access information when they browse for businesses on their mobile device.

Click here to request a Mobile Website Design Quote and let Point & Click create a mobile version of your website optimized for smartphone visitors with bite size information for the on the go viewers. Our mobile websites will seamlessly redirect smartphones and mobile devices to your mobile version.

Mobile Traffic is now 15% of your website traffic

The chart below demonstrates the average percentage of mobile traffic by device and various device limitations.


Device Specifics
Device: iPhone / iPad Android Devices Other Devices
Average Traffic 7.65% 4.1% 3.25%
Screen Resolution 320X480 / 1024×768 320×480 / Varies by device Varies by device
Flash Compatible No / No Yes Varies by device
Default Search Engine Google Google Google / MSN / Yahoo


All mobile phones are unique, from different screen sizes to internet browsers that vary greatly. Modern Smartphones, such as the Iphone and the Droid have fully functional browsers whereas some of the older phones have very basic browsers. Our mobile websites are designed to be 100% compatible with the modern smart phones as well as compatible with older versions, making sure your business can be seen by any mobile device.

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