Our History

Our vision for Point & Click was to create a company that would work with integrity, creativity and evolve with technology to ensure that our clients would always be on the cutting edge of online marketing strategies. We wanted a company we could feel good about, one where thinking outside of the box was encouraged and our natural friendliness and love of new technologies would benefit each client. The vision we had for Point & Click over a decade ago has remained unchanged today and we believe that is why so many of our clients keep coming back.

When Point & Click began building websites,almost 15 years ago, defining web development was pretty straightforward. Open a text pad, hand code some html and optimize a few pictures to download quickly on dial up. Like magic everyone was able to have an electronic brochure on the World Wide Web. Over the years a lot has changed, not only in technology but in the way it is delivered and the way consumers interact with it. Online marketing has become the most effective avenue for lead generation, branding, automation and credibility for companies of any size. We have followed these trends closely and evolved with the industry to continue to offer the best in online marketing.

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