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Point & Click knows the web.

We understand what it takes to create amazing websites and how to code them with the latest technologies and highest standards. We identify with how consumers use the internet, how search habits work and how product discovery through the ever growing social networks influence sales. We understand search engine marketing and know how to drive traffic to your website. Furthermore we know how to create strategies that will convert that traffic to new customers. Most importantly we understand the value of your brand and how to communicate what makes you great to the world. Contact Us Today. We would love the opportunity to put our knowledge to work for you.

Be found where your customers are looking.

Traditional advertising becomes less effective every year. Local phone books were once a driving force for most companies. Print marketing and mailers were a close second but over the last decade these advertising tools have been replaced by less expensive and more effective options. Even the BBB value proposition has been replaced by services like Google Local Reviews. Many companies get stuck in a cycle of “We have always done it this way” or “This used to work really well”. The days of “used to work” are past; you need to go where your clients are and to be compatible with the devices they are using. More importantly you need a large enough online footprint so they can find you. Let us help you get there. We will work to understand your company’s goals and brand, then use that knowledge to create a strategy for your industry.  Your website needs to be a flawless hybrid between relaying your company’s message and strategic marketing. Point & Click has the knowledge and experience to merge these concepts and help you design a plan to meet your goals. Click Here to request a free consultation.

Website Development Process


The first stage in any web development strategy is planning. Point & Click sits down with you to discuss your goals and needs as a company. We get an understanding of your expectations and help you define benchmarks. We take a look at the objectives your company has, the scope of time that exists and your available resources. Once we have all of this information, we can organize these concepts into a plan based on filling your requirements completely, within the time-frame and budget you desire.


Once the plan has been created and agreed upon, the design phase begins. We take the outline we have shaped in the planning phase and design it to create unique interfaces that match your company’s goals, such as increasing credibility, generating increased revenue and of course, increasing your brand footprint. Not only do our designer’s make sure that your website looks incredible, but also that it works incredibly. With Point & Click on your team you are sure to net  the most return on investment possible.


After the design has been finalized, the development team starts their work. The coding is done in PHP, JQUERY, MYSQL, HTML and CSS and we are able to add a CMS depending on what has been decided on in the planning phase. We also incorporate search engine optimization in our websites, to ensure that not only do you have an outstanding website but you are also on your way to having that website noticed by potential clients. All of the development work is done using the most up to date technologically and methods and meets the latest standards.


Now that we have completed the building stage of your project we are ready to move into testing. The testing process will includes making sure your site is consistent in all browsers and project specified devices. We will also check all pages for bad URLs, misspellings, broken images or issues of any sort. If your project involves functionality, we also thoroughly test all databases. During this phase you will have access to the site for testing and revisions as well.


Once all phases are complete we are ready to go live and make your site available to the public! This  includes moving the site from our testing server to your live production server, setting up all databases and publishing all files. This also includes setting up email systems, users, administrators and any other items defined in the project. This phase would also encompass any kind of training you may need on using or updating your new website.

Point & Click offers website packages for any type of company, from small start ups, to large corporations looking for effective lead generation. Our services are designed to not only create the perfect website for you, but also to drive traffic and convert that traffic to sales. Contact Point & Click Today for a Free Consultation.


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